RFSA By-Laws & Procedures


  1. The group will be convened and represented by two co-chairs who will serve as spokespersons for the organization. These individuals should be tenured or must have a secure position within the university. One co-chair will be elected from the faculty and the other from the staff membership. Terms will be for two years and shall be overlapping so as to ensure continuity.
  2. We will have a recorder who is responsible for taking the minutes and issuing written positions, and a treasurer who will be responsible for financial matters. These positions will be appointed for two-year terms.
  3. We will have standing committees that reflect the overall goals of the organization. Terms will be for two years. These committees will include, but are not limited to, the following:
              a) Raza Faculty Recruitment and Retention
              b) Raza Staff Recruitment and Retention
              c) Raza Student recruitment
              d) Public Relationse Events
              f) Ad hoc committee chairs.

The Executive Board will be composed of the co-chairs, the recorder, the treasurer, and the chairs for each of the standing committees.


  1. The Executive Board will hold 8-10 monthly meetings, generally on the second Friday of the month. Standing committees will meet as required.
  2. Membership meetings will take place also once a month on the second Friday of each month. More frequent meetings will be called if needed.
  3. Meetings will be run according to Robert's Rules of Order, to make the best use of our meeting times.
  4. No one individual speaks for the entire group. The group's position will be agreed upon by consensus or majority vote and then put into writing. The decision of the majority will be respected.