Become a Member

Membership Guidelines: Raza Faculty and Staff Association (RFSA)

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Membership Benefits

  • Active participation in a vibrant organization.
  • The right to vote on all voting issues.
  • Able to request or be a sponsor member of a Fund Request for one event per year.
  • Qualify for participation at a discounted rate in some RFSA sponsored events.

How to Become a Member

There are two ways to become an active dues paying member

  1. Through monthly automatic payroll deduction of $5 (FT) or $3 (PT)
  2. Through an annual One-time Payment per fiscal year by check of $60.00 (FT) or $36 (PT)


If you would like to be a dues paying member to enjoy the benefits of being part of RFSA by having your dues deducted monthly, please download and complete the following forms:

If you would like to make an annual payment, please complete the RFSA Membership Form and attach your check.

Mail all forms to RFSA Interim Treasurer Ana Maria Barrera through campus mail or drop them off in person at the Department of Kinesiology in GYM Room 101. If you have questions about joining or completing the forms, please contact RFSA Membership Coordinator Mario Flores at (415) 405-4177 or

To download the adobe Acrobate Reader please go to: